DAAD gives PhD scholarships in Germany

The DAAD doctoral scholarship program will award a series of doctoral scholarships in Germany in three different modalities:

  • Full doctorate ;
  • Ph.D. sandwich ;
  • Sandwich doctorate with co-supervision;

The benefits offered by DAAD include: monthly stipend; assistance with airfare, health insurance, installation assistance and allowance for dependents (only for full doctorates) . In the case of sandwich and sandwich doctorates with co-supervision, funding for a trip for each supervisor is also offered.

In addition to financial assistance, the notice provides for the offer of a German course before the start of the research. The duration depends on the candidate’s level of knowledge. During the period of the language course, the scholarship recipient will have accommodation, health insurance and monthly assistance.

DAAD scholarships also include – if applicable – monthly payment of child support and health insurance for the scholarship recipient’s family.

PhD Scholarship Requirements in Germany

To apply for one of the doctoral scholarships in Germany, you must present scientific research and have confirmation of guidance in Germany. To take both types of sandwich doctorates, you must be regularly enrolled in the doctorate at university. It is also a requirement to pass the qualification exam before implementing the scholarship.

For the doctorate in Germany in the sandwich co-tutorship version, the candidate will also need confirmation from the German universities that the postgraduate regulations allow double degrees.

Other important details to take into consideration: at the time of registration, the doctoral candidate cannot have entered the course more than three years ago. He also cannot have obtained his last degree more than six years ago, considering the 9/11 deadline. Candidates also cannot have been living in Germany for more than 15 months. Other restrictions: not having previously received a grant from agencies to carry out studies at the same level as intended and not having a doctorate degree.


How to apply for PhD scholarships in Germany


Applications for doctoral scholarships in Germany must be made via the DAAD website on September 11th. The documentation that needs to be attached in PDF to the application is as follows:

  • Copy of identity document and proof of residence;
  • Online form;
  • Curriculum lattes;
  • Research project (sandwich and co-tutorship PhD: all stages of the project to be carried out in Germany, also advisors’ trips);
  • Simple copy of the diploma and undergraduate and master’s transcripts;
  • Letter of acceptance from the advisor or college;
  • German advisor’s CV;
  • German and/or English certificate ( IELTS , TOEFL , Cambridge );
  • Two letters of recommendation from higher education professors ( recommended model );
  • School Records.

For those who will compete in one of the sandwich doctorate categories, it is also necessary to send:

  • Simple copy of the doctoral transcript;
  • Proof of regular enrollment in the doctoral course at university;
  • Declaration from the coordination of the postgraduate program, duly signed, informing the student’s regulatory deadline for defending their thesis and that the credits already obtained in the doctorate are compatible with the prospect of completion, in a timely manner, after completing the internship abroad ;
  • Letter from the advisor.

In the case of a sandwich doctorate with co-supervision, the candidate must also attach a document confirming the possibility of a double degree.

The first phase of selection will be based on the analysis of the candidates’ documents and merits. Those pre-selected will be invited for a face-to-face or videoconference interview. The names of the candidates who will be awarded doctoral scholarships in Germany will be announced by March 2025. For questions, you can contact us via email Doutor@daad.org .

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