Master’s degree in public health in Europe with all expenses paid

Candidates from developing countries with a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of professional experience can apply for the all-expenses-paid Masters in Public Health Scholarship in Europe . The course is completely in English and this is another opportunity for the DAAD EPOS scholarship program, which focuses on sustainable development.

The Master’s degree in Public Health in Berlin

The master’s degree in public health is in English, is divided into several modules and is based at the Charité – Universitatsmedizin in Berlin. The central theme is tropical medicine and public health , but there are also subjects in advanced vaccinology, project creation and management, and health economics.

DAAD scholarship recipients begin their studies by attending the foundation course at the Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin. They will finish the Advanced Modules (20 ECTS) in Berlin or at partner universities in Heidelberg, Germany, and Bergen, Norway, for the advanced studies phase. The National Institute of Public Health in Cuernavaca, Mexico, is the location of the master’s thesis project.

About the public health program in Europe

Promoting understanding of the most important contemporary global healthcare concerns is the goal of postgraduate healthcare in Germany. Pupils will be equipped to recognise and evaluate the major determinants of community health and well-being. Enhancing the administration of health care for underserved groups is the program’s main goal.

Anyone awarded the EPOS scholarship for a master’s degree in public health in Germany must complete the course in two semesters, with full dedication.

What are the scholarships for a master’s degree in public health in Germany like?

The scholarship for a master’s degree in public health in Germany is part of the DAAD ‘s EPOS program . The program provides scholarships for who want to take courses in the most diverse areas in some way related to development and sustainability.

Those selected will have exemption from university fees, a monthly allowance of 934 euros, health insurance and travel expenses. Also included in the program is a two-month German course in July and August. It must be done before classes start, scheduled for September.


Scholarship Requirements for Masters in Public Health in Germany

The course in question presupposes a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, the scholarship for a master’s degree in public health in Germany is aimed at students with different backgrounds: medicine , public health, dentistry, pharmacy, economics, biology , psychology , sociology, anthropology, nutrition, etc.
The requirements to gain the DAAD benefit are:

  • Have a degree in one of the areas listed above;
  • Have at least two years of relevant professional experience;
  • Have proficiency in English proven with TOEFL or IELTS .

How to apply for DAAD master’s scholarships

In order to submit an application for a master’s scholarship in public health, you need to mail or email the following documentation:

  • Official DAAD form for applying for the scholarship;
  • Curriculum Vitae (in Europass format and signed by hand);
  • Motivation letter (maximum 1 page, hand-signed and with reference to current occupation);
  • Research project for dissertation (it should not necessarily be the topic of the dissertation, it is only for evaluation);
  • Letter of academic recommendation (with stamp and signature and recent date);
  • Professional recommendation letter from the employer (with stamp and signature and recent date);
  • Confirmation of work from the employer and, if possible, guarantee of return to employment after the course;
  • English certificate (IELTS or TOEFL );
  • Certified copies of academic qualification diplomas;
  • Certified copies of the course transcript;
  • Certified copy of high school diploma.

Applications for candidates for DAAD EPOS scholarships open between July 1st and October 15th of each year.

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